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Band Boosters

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Gulfport High School Admiral Band Boosters, hereinafter referred to as the Admiral Band Boosters, shall be to promote the development and continuation of a superior band program at Gulfport High School, to promote the interest of the Band, encourage student and parent participation, and to support the band Directors, school Administration and the Gulfport School District.

In other words, we the Boosters are working for the best possible program for our band students. We fund-raise through a few projects in a year, run concessions at GHS Football home games and in the fall we put on one of the very best Marching Contest and Festivals in the region. Boosters chaperon  haul equipment (sometimes construct equipment), feed the band and sometimes put band aides on marching feet. Mostly we look for every opportunity for success, enabling our students and their directors to make sure they bring back top awards.

Our reward is watching our band students succeed beyond their greatest expectations. We are the beneficiaries of skillfully created shows and dynamic performances and spectacular music.

Executive Board Members



Fred Signs
[email protected]

Ways and Means

Angela Ellis
[email protected]


Robyn Blackwell
[email protected]


Jamie Lee


Matt Hollingsworth
[email protected]


Roslie Parrish
[email protected]

Concession Officer

Alisha McFall
[email protected]